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Free Download: 2020 Industry White Paper for Fine-Pitch LED Displays

Executive summary: This white paper provides a comprehensive report on market size overview, market segment analysis, product roadmap, LED display component review, key technology introduction, and market trend analysis. It is an in-depth industry report based on solid data and information from major manufacturers from all links of the supply chain.


Shenzhen-January 1st, 2021 EZ LED Visual Co.,Ltd (EZ LED) just announced the release of the 2020 Industry White Paper for Fine-pitch LED Displays, which was issued by EZ LED Academy and powered by China Optics & Optoelectronics Manufactures Association (COEMA). Contact your EZ LED Visual account manager or apply for EZ LED Academy membership here to get a copy for free!


Market Overview and Vertical Segments Analysis

1.1    LED display market overview (2018-2025)

1.2   Fine-pitch market segments overview

1.3   Major fine-pitch product models and export volume overview

2.       Fine-pitch LED Display Industry Overview

2.1    Definition of fine-pitch LED displays

2.2    Development history of fine-pitch LED displays

2.3    Applications of fine-pitch LED displays

2.4    Fine-pitch LED display vertical market analysis

2.4.1              Professional display category

2.4.2              Commercial display category

2.4.3              Civil/residential display category

3.       Fine-pitch LED Display Key Components Overview

3.1    Fine-pitch LED display—Chip

3.1.1              Mainstream chip structure

3.1.2              Mainstream chip specification

3.2    Fine-pitch LED display—packaging devices

3.3    Fine-pitch LED display—driver IC

3.3.1              Active matrix VS passive matrix

3.3.2              Common Cathode Technology VS Common Anode Technology

3.3.3              PWM dimming technology and grayscale improvement

3.3.4              High-integration IC

3.4    Fine-pitch LED display—power supply

3.5    Fine-pitch LED display—printed circuit board (PCB)

3.6    Fine-pitch LED display—packaging material

3.7    Fine-pitch LED display—controller and software

4.       SMD, IMD, and COB Technology in the Sub-1mm Era

4.1    Evolution and status quo of LED display packaging

4.2    SMD-based fine-pitch LED displays

4.2.1              The technical definition of SMD

4.2.2              Mainstream product specifications

4.2.3              Advantages and disadvantages of SMD

4.3    IMD-based fine-pitch LED displays

4.3.1              The technical definition of IMD

4.3.2              Advantages and disadvantages of IMD

4.3.3              Product development analysis

4.4    COB-based fine-pitch LED displays

4.4.1              The technical definition of COB

4.4.2              Advantages and disadvantages of COB

4.4.3              Product development analysis

5.       LED Display Manufacturing Equipment

5.1    LED chip manufacturing equipment

5.2    LED packaging equipment

5.2.1              Front-end process

5.2.2              Back-end process

5.3    LED display manufacturing equipment

6.        Common Anode Technology VS Common Cathode Technology

6.1    Technical analysis

6.2    Technical comparison

6.3    Driver IC analysis and common cathode technology patents

6.4    Expert opinions

7.        The Impact of Mini & Micro LED Technology on Fine-pitch LED Displays

7.1    Mini & Micro LED introduction

7.2    Technological influence of Mini & Micro LED

7.3    Micro-LED

7.4    Mini-LED

7.5    Market competition brought by Mini & Micro LED

8.        Fine-pitch LED Display Roadmap

9.        Appendix: Definition & Interpretation of Professional Terms


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