Founded in 2007, EZ LED Visual (EZ LED) is a professional LED display manufacturer dedicated to providing quality LED screens for various applications. Our products has been exported to over 50 countries and used in many high-profile installations and events worldwide.


EZ LED has highly focused product lines with our proprietary design, and many of our products are patented with independent intellectual property. With strong R&D, EZ LED has worked as an OEM/ODM partner for many major players in the market.


EZ LED has highly cost-effective products for indoor high-definition application and rental & staging use, and outdoor fixed installation. While our products are highly mature with proven records of success, we offer highly competitive pricing that makes our products affordable.


EZ LED has a friendly team with in-depth understanding of different applications. We are committed to helping our customers to make a difference!


2007   EZ LED Visual founded
2008   EZ LED products used in Beijing Olympic Games
2010   EZ LED product used in Shanghai World Expo
2012   EZ LED R&D team re-organized
2013   EZ LED products won AURORA LED Award and Best Innovation Award
2016   EZ LED products won LED Manufacturing Excellence Award
2017   EZ LED products won Red Dot Design Award and IF Design Award

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